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Original drug trade


Chlorothalonil: Chlorothalonil is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, low-toxic, low-residue fungicide. It has a dual role of prevention and treatment, long-lasting and stable, mainly to inhibit the spore germination of fungi.


Fosetyl-aluminum is a systemic fungicide that can be transported up and down in plants and has protective and therapeutic effects.


This product is an organophosphorus insecticide. It is a colorless crystal with a slight odor. It has a melting point of 78.5℃ and can be dissolved to 84℃. It is soluble in most organic solvents and easily hydrolyzed.


This product is an organophosphate insecticide with stomach poisoning, contact killing and fumigation. It is suitable for the control of pests, various granaries and sanitary pests of cotton, wheat, tea, vegetables, apples and other plants.


This product is an organophosphate insecticide and acaricide. It has strong knockdown ability to pests, strong systemic, contact and certain stomach toxicity. It can be used on rice, wheat, cotton, forest and other plants. Prevention and control of pests and pests.


Fenvalerate is a pyrethroid insecticide with contact, stomach poison and certain repellent effect. It has no systemic or fumigation effect, and has good control effect on apple tree spider mite and peach heartworm.


This product is a high-performance isomer of cypermethrin. It belongs to pyrethroid insecticides. It has contact and stomach toxicity effects. It is suitable for controlling cruciferous vegetable cabbage caterpillars, apple tree heartworm, and also for pest eggs. Better killing effect, relatively safe for crops under normal technical conditions.

Ethephon 480SL

This product is a ripening plant growth regulator. After entering the plant body, it can slowly decompose and release ethylene, which has a regulating effect on many aspects of plant growth and development

Cypermethrin + phoxim

This product is a binary compound preparation with beta-cypermethrin and phoxim. It has stomach poisoning and contact killing effect, and can effectively prevent and control peach heartworm.

Fenpropathrin + phoxim

This product is a compound preparation of organophosphorus pesticides and pyrethroid pesticides. It has contact, stomach poison and certain repellent use for pests, which can effectively control cotton bollworm.


This product is a compound herbicide processed from chlorpyrifos and acetochlor. It has good control effect on various annual weeds in peanut fields.


This product is a herbicide compounded from cyanazine and atrazine. It has good control effect on most annual weeds in spring and summer corn fields.


This product is a triazole fungicide with systemic conductivity. It can be transmitted in plants after being absorbed by various parts of plants. It has the functions of prevention, treatment and fumigation for wheat powdery mildew. It has dual functions of protection and treatment.


Phoxim is an organophosphate insecticide, which is mainly caused by contact and stomach toxicity, and has no systemic action. This product is a homogeneous oily liquid, sensitive to light, stable to water and acidic medium, and has good control effect on apple peach small heartworm.
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