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Shandong Dacheng Biochemical Co., Ltd.

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Core Products




28-homobrassinolide (28-HBL)

28-homobrassinolide (28-HBL) is a well-known polyhydroxysteroid plant hormone which have a protective effect in plants under various stress situations. As one of Dacheng’s novel bio-plant growth regulator, 28-HBL can induce plant tolerance to abiotic stresses including metal, temperatures, drought and salinity, etc. With high safety, high efficacy and degradable residue, 28-HBL will have more application on co-formulation and complex within plant nutrient. It can affect plant metabolism, growth, and productivity during whole plant life cycle.

Humic acid

Humic acid is a form of natural organic soluble polymer mixture with weak acidity.  It contains carboxylic-, phenolic-OH, quinone and other organic functional groups with biological activity. It has very special physical and chemical properties and special biological activities. An acid derived from humus developed in Dacheng can work as biostimulant and can work together with agrochemical formulations like Glyphosate. It can save up to 50% Glyphosate usage. The application of humic acid with other active ingredient is in research by Dacheng R&D team. This acid can suit farming environment better and have better effect than fulvic acid. 
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